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Sunday, December 03, 2006

It's official!

The two contenders that will battle for the DVBA's ultimate prize have finally been decided. Megatron who finished on top of the regular season standings will play the fourth seeded T.H.E.M, who after a hard fought first round win over league heavies Pet's Paradise, were grated a reprieve from a semi final bout with the Plenty Hornets.

Unbeknown to the rest of league the Hornets have been under a private investigation from league officials for the past few months and while no official statement has been issued the Hornets have been fined by the DVBA for an undisclosed amount, but which onlookers suspect is due to the allegations of unregistered players and name changes, which surfaced this past June.

While the Megatron team has only faced two games this season where the score-line was below 10 points, the front office for the club has been anything but arrogant about their chances of victory this Sunday as Megatron G.M. Ryan McKenzie candidly told the press this morning that:

"We've had a great year. We've rarely fallen behind in a game and stayed confident throughout all of the controversies we've faced, but the team we're playing this coming week is a new obstacle all together...beside the pressures of playing in a game like this and the weight that the media has put on us all year to 3-peat, we're still to play our toughest game and even toughest opponent."

If you look back to that first game you'll immediately notice the reference made by Mr. McKenzie. In that game T.H.E.M. were harboring a greatly depleted roster as three of their starting five were out due to injury; and after the dog fight they survived in the first round T.H.E.M. is a team hungry for their first title.

Wherever your allegiances fall, Sunday is set to be fast paced game, which may only be decided by the will of the players on the court. Tickets went on sale this morning and are selling fast, so be sure to get yours while you still can.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Record breaking and some inflamed appendix...

After staying vigilant in their silence for over a week now, the executives of Megatron Basketball finally lifted the veil from Viking Stadium today. What many anticipated to be a celebratory press conference by Megatron GM Ryan McKenzie for breaking the DVBA record for consecutive wins, turned out to be anything but. Onlookers and fans alike assumed that Mr. McKenzie’s closing of Viking Stadium over the last few days could be attributed to his unorthodox management method, a theory not all too far fetched given the GMs history. However, the President of the league’s most successful team began his statement with a socking revelation:

“While I’m sure you all are expecting me to gloat about my team’s record breaking efforts on Sunday night, I have some rather bad news to report…Mark Hewitt will sit out the remainder of the season.”

Asking the media to wait until the end of his statement in the wake of a barrage of questions, the GM continued to explain that Mark, who averaged 18.1 points per game for the 2006 season, had suffered an abrupt inflammation of the appendix and had to be rushed to hospital on Saturday night. Despite the success of the surgery, the GM further explained:

“Mark will be unable to continue the rest of the season; and with one game left before the Playoffs begin this is indeed a staggering blow to the franchise. However, while Mark will not be able to contribute on the court, I have asked as a personal favor to me that he take over the reigns as Head Coach. A position he has thankfully accepted and will hold as the play for their twentieth striaght victory on Sunday.”

When asked if the loss of his starting guard would greatly influence his chances on winning a third the title, the GM responded by stating that this week's coming game would be the greatest test his team has faced all season, as players Shannon 'the cannon' Sullivan and the McKenzie brothers would miss the bout, leaving Mark to further the winning streak while running with only four players, and if they could get past this hump the championship would be as good as won.

Already secured in the number one seed for the upcoming playoffs, this revalation will certainly have all eyes fixed on Viking Stadium for the last game of the season this week.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Silence at Viking Stadium

After weeks of relative inactivity, with Megatron coasting to a string of uneventful victories, it seems something is brewing within the walls of Viking Stadium.

Neil McKie, a long time fan of Megatron basketball and co-founder of the team's official fan club The Viking Stadium Berserkers, informed the media this afternoon that several members of his fellowship were denied entry to view the team’s scheduled training, a ritual that has generally been open to fans and the Press alike.

Among the rejected was seven-year-old super fan Jimmy Olsen, who, after recently recovering from appendix surgery, flew 3,000 miles to watch his favorite team in action. Jimmy told our sources that he was disappointed that his team wasn’t there and hoped dearly to get a glimpse of his favorite player, Shannon Sullivan, “I hope Shannon the Cannon comes out, he's my bestest player” Jimmy said with an air of hope but a face a waiting disappointment.

As expected, The Cannon did not address the press today nor did any of the other players or administrative staff. In fact, the only welcome received by those standing in the snow-trodden carpark of Viking Stadium was heralded by hand written “closed to further notice” sign placed on the main lobby doors.

Naturally, questions of why the team has shut down without so much as foretelling have begun to rise in the various newspapers across the country; with the team closing in on a perfect season, both David and Mark being grated leave to be rested for the upcoming playoffs and because of the team's commanding divisional lead, it is baffling to all as to why the lights of gone down.

When asked to comment, the offices of General Manager Ryan McKenzie said that the executive had asked all concerned to please show patience and that the confidence in the team’s winning record should assure everyone that there is nothing to be overly concerned about and operations should be up and running in the immediate future.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Due to technical difficulties Megatron Basketball Online has been out for service for the past six weeks. Both the IT staff and the organization apologize for this inconvenience, but want to assure all of the team's fans out there that the problems have been rectified and the site will up and running again soon.

Remember, the Playoffs start in 3 weeks!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hughes Wows Onlookers and Teammates alike

In only his second start since returning from a two-year hiatus, Megatron super-sub David Hughes showed the onlookers at Viking Stadium last Sunday that he still has what it takes to be considered one of the league's most dominate big men.

Playing strong in the post from the outset and hauling in a mass of rebounds, Hughes also stepped outside and provided some staggering on-ball defence, yielding a slew of fast break opportunities for Guards Mark Hewitt and Matt McKenzie. If all that isn't enough, the former league MVP showed those fans with short memories that he could still fill it up when called upon, shooting a season high 23 points, 20 of which that were scored in the latter half of the game.

One could call the game a return to form for the savvy veteran, but from the games we’ve seen so far in the season Hughes seems to be as healthy as ever. So, confident infact is the Megatron G.M. Ryan McKenzie in the physical abilities of his forward that he has signed a contract extension for another season, with the option to play further on if desired, a negotiating autonomy not often seen in the DVBA.

It would seem that the play of Hughes is infectous, as since the his return the play of his former teammate, Mark Hewitt, who has struggled scoring from long range all year, has improved greatly in only a handful of games, and is all compliments for his returned teammate:

"One of David's greatest talents is making the rest of us seem far better than we actually are. I don't know why, but it seems that the game becomes instantly easier when he is out there. David's return to this team is like Slash returning to Guns n Roses. We were alright without him, but having him on board all of sudden it feels like Use Your Illusion all over again...I love that album."

While only playing in five games so far this season David has been one of the team's leading scorers and rebounders, increasing his statisitics with every outing and boasting an impressive 16.6 points per game, which interestingly is almost an entire point more than he averaged when he lead the new defunct Breds franchise to the DVBA final and captured the league MVP award.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Judgement Day: League finally rules on Megatron case.

It's the ongoing drama that has stilted the basketball world of late: the disciplinary hearing of Megatron General Manager, Ryan McKenzie.

For those unaware, Mr. McKenzie has been awaiting judgment from DVBA League officials after claims of drunken and disorderly behavior in an Ivanhoe restaurant during the month of August. At first the complaints were solely concentrated to several of Megatron starting five, meaning that any disciplinary action could be confined within the organisation itself; however, with the revealing of certain photographic evidence that directly placed Mr. McKenzie in the controversy, the incident immediately became a matter for the DVBA board of directors. Finally, after weeks of deliberation, League commissioner Steve Mackie issued the following statement:

"The penalty issued today only deals with one aspect of this incident - that of misconduct unbecoming of a league representative. The actions of the other players involved widely exceeded the professionalism and self-control that should be fairly be expected from Diamond Valley players. We must affirm that the DVBA will strive to exemplify the best that can be offered by professional sports, and not allow out the sport of basketball to be debased by what seems to be declining expectations for behavior of fans and athletes alike.

There are other issues that the league must urgently focus on at this time. Foremost, we must redefine the bounds of acceptable conduct for players and representatives of the DVBA as a whole. Second, we must implement rules to assure the unavoidable confrontations likely to occur outside of the regimented world of the DVBA...It is therefore the ruling of this board that that Mr. MrKenzie be stripped of his responsibilities associated with the DVBA anti-drinking sub-committee; and furthermore, as the incident in question concerned several players of the team as well, the Megatron Franchise will forfeit their future draft picks for the forthcoming season."

The board's ruling today came as little surprise to those closely associated with the case. Yet, the removal of Megatron's draft picks as taken even the most unsupportive follower of Megatron's actions aback, as this is traditionally a punishment handed down for insider trades and illegal salary cap disputes.

However, true to his ever confident character, Mr. McKenzie told the DVBA Online after the hearing that, "the draft picks were never part of the team's plan. While it is a shame I lose that playing card for the post-season, I think everyone would agree that the team is young and healthy enough to take the blow; and while I respect the board's judgment, I don't think this will greatly affect our chances for a title."

The validity of Mr. McKenzie's optimism is yet to be seen, but with the case now behind him, his most immediate test waits for him tonight, as Megatron strive for there forteith straight victory.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Megatron blow past Eltham North.

Critics have speculated of late, that the ongoing drama surrounding the Megatron Basketball team would certainly affect their on-court performance, especially in the wake of the revelation of the involvement of team General Manager, Ryan McKenzie. However, it seems that the drinking scandal involving several of the team’s stars has proven contrary to the popular skepticism, and the team looks stronger than ever.

On the eve of the team’s first bout since the story hit the headlines a week ago, several of the players called public training session as a show of team unity.

Despite the continuing troubles shown by several players from the foul line, the gathered troupe looked focused and alert as they ran drills and hustled for over two hours. Present was team G.M. and Point Guard, Ryan McKenzie, who, while still waiting for judgment from league officials was optimistic of his predicament:

“The recent weeks have been hard on everyone associated with Megatron: from the starting five down to ball boys. But I wanted to show everyone here today that all those troubles are behind us now, and my sole concern is winning that third title.”

Indeed if the performance in the practice gym is anything to go by, the team certainly hasn’t lost a step and is unfazed by it’s recent criticisms, as they proved last Sunday as Megatron blew past Eltham North in a game which looked easier than the prior training session.

Registering over four players in double figures and several clocking similar numbers in the rebound column, the game was typified by the long awaited return of Mark Hewitt to the 3-point line, who despite his league leading numbers last year, has struggling from long range throughout these early days of the season.

Another highlight of the night was the continual improvement of Shannon Sullivan, who scored a season high 18 points and showed fans on more than one occasion his ability to shoot from range, and who surmised both the victory and the teams current state of mind when interviewed in the post-game wrap-up:

“Like all the players on this team, I just wanted to play my role and play it well. When we’re running like this, I don’t think there’s a team out there that can beat us. I ‘know’ there’s not a team that can beat us. Yeah, baby!”

The victory marked the thirteenth straight win for the club and put them almost three games ahead of their nearest opponent.

G.M. Speaks!

A little after 6pm yesterday evening, G.M. and point guard of the Megatron Basketball organisation, Ryan McKenzie, announced a press conference to face the allegations of his involvement in the drunken and disorderly charges that several of the leading players face from league authorities.

Mr. McKenzie had originally declared that the players involved in the incident were: Matthew, Shannon and Mark. However, the revealing of contrary photographic evidence in the past week has proven indifferent to Mr. MeKenzie's claims and has lead to many fans and members of the press calling for his resignation.

The following is a collected transcript of the G.M's official statement:

"The stories and rumours of my involvement with certain members of this organisation are unfortunately very true. I've come to realise that any attempt to hide my presence on the night in question was foolish and unbecomming of a man in my position.

As the figurehead of this dynasty, I believe it is my responsibility to set an example for the franchise as a whole, and in doing this I should be prepared to take the good with the bad; therefore, while there were other players involved, I will be taking sole responsibility for any punishment the league wishes to pass down.

To my teammates, my friends and family, but most importantly the Megatron fans, I say wholeheartedly that I am sorry for my actions. I have let you all down. And while we are still winning at the moment, I hope to use this adversity to propel the club to even greater heights."

Before closing his statement, Mr. McKenzie was asked why he placed Shannon Sullivan as the third player involved in the incident. To which he replied:

"It was Shannon's idea to take the hit; he is, above and beyond the call of duty, a team player. He felt it would hurt the team more if I was directly connected to the controversy, and I ashamedly agreed to go along with his plan. I guess it was his way of protecting my name, but by accepting his kind nature, I have betrayed a teammate and a friend, so I am sorry for that."

As of yet, the league has yet to pass any judgment on Mr. McKenzie, but is predicted to suspend Mr. McKenzie from his responsibilities as the league's chairmen of the DVBA anti youth drinking campaigns.